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Brian David Phillips Institute


What is the Society of Experiential Trance?

  • The Society of Experiential Trance ( was founded and its activities guided by Brian David Phillips, PhD. Dr. Phillips is a professional educator with experience teaching not only within the hypnosis community but in formal academic settings at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels.
  • The Society of Experiential Trance is an inclusive Open Community Society of Altered States of Consciousness, Focused Trance Thoughtforms, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Meditation, and other forms of Trancework. The function of the Society is to provide recognition for achievement while fostering a community in which competence and innovation are recognized as well as providing a bridge in which those utilizing hypnosis and trance in a variety of contexts can meet as equals, sharing techniques and experiences with one another within a caring and thoughtful community. Membership in the Society is gained through honors nomination or through one of several competence demonstration opportunities.
  • A chief characteristic of the Society of Experiential Trance is its inclusive nature, recognizing and fostering community-building activities for all interested in gaining competence. This open inclusivity includes recognizing and fostering competence in applications of hypnosis that most other organizations do not actively support.


The Online Hypnosis Institute

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Developed by Dr. Brian David Phillips as an online learning platform to offer a classroom learning experience without the constraints of the classroom for programs from Waking Dreams Hypnosis, the Society of Experiential Trance, and the Centre for Universal Loving Tranceformation, the Brian David Phillips Institute is breaking new ground in competence-based online education and training.


Learn from Brian David Phillips & Others

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Each course walks you through video lectures, reading material, discussion questions, and tests your knowledge with video homework assignments and discussion opportunities. Some courses even include interactive quizzes and examinations, albeit the focus is on open discussion and practical skillset demonstration rather than abstract knowledge.
  • As the program grows, more courses will be added to the curriculum, including those taught by other instructors with the Society of Experiential Trance as well as special courses taught by other guest instructors of merit.


Interact with a Global Class of Learners

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Participate in thought-provoking discussion questions about each lecture
  • Ask questions whenever they come to mind and return later to read responses from your class moderator and classmates
  • Share notes on what you're learning and see what others are learning as well


Learn at Your Own Pace

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Enroll anytime, no waiting on your desired course to start
  • Access course videos and teaching materials anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Watch the lectures as many times as you want


Enroll with Your Own Private Group

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Apply with Dr. Phillips to create your own private classroom to take a course with your own study or practice group, friends, hypnosis club, or family
  • As a moderator, you can invite anyone you'd like to your class at a discounted rate
  • Qualified experienced trainers may apply with Dr. Phillips to apply for limited instructorship to conduct an online course for credit with the Society of Experiential Trance as a recognized certification offering for persons taking the course under the moderator's tutelage. Please note, the SET takes instructorship very seriously and does not proffer such status lightly.
  • Contact Dr. Phillips for details on these special programs.


Enroll as an Individual

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Take the course with a class of up to 50 other students from all over the world who are taking the course at their own pace as well.
  • A moderator is available to help with any questions in each class


Get Certified

  • Take the Core Hypnosis Skills course, pass your homework evaluations, and get certified as a competent hypnotist with the Society of Experiential Trance.
  • Once one has qualified as a Certified Hypnotist, it is possible to take certain specialty program courses with the Brian David Phillips Institutue to earn Hypnosis Specialist Certification in a wide variety of topics through partnership with the Society of Experiential Trance. These specialist certificates demonstrate that one has qualified in particular areas of expertise and professional competence.
  • Many courses with the Brian David Phillips Institutue count toward continuing education credits with the Society of Experiential Trance (points vary).
  • For more information regarding the Society of Experiential Trance see


Join us NOW!

Brian David Phillips Institute

  • Periodically, we may have special classes open. These may include special platform showcases or organizational promotions as well as very special mentoring sections that include live or web-chat mentor meetups with instructors on a scheduled syllabus as opposed to the study-at-your-own-pace open enrollment sections.
  • Head over to the Brian David Phillips Institute right now and enroll in a class! See special sections when available or choose from the selection of open-enrollment public classes available via the catalog at
  • Special Sections and discount pricing sections available at



Society of Experiential Trance with
Brian David Phillips Institute

IMPORTANT - Please Note: Before purchasing a "Special Section" enrollment via the online store at, please make certain you first establish an active Membership account for that site. This must be at least at free Basic Membership. Those who have previously established a Premium Membership or a Platinum Premium Membership are obviously fine. Once a membership is confirmed and activated you may then login with your account and then purchase a Special Section placement. You can register for membership at This helps to ensure that your account is within the database prior to enrollment. Otherwise, you may have errors in crediting your correct account. Within one week of purchase (usually much sooner), once enrollment payment has been manually confirmed, you will receive a manual invite to register for your special section from the system at - note the special sections offered here are NOT open to enrollment from the general public via the open catalog at the Institute.



Brian David Phillips Institute



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