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Call for Papers

The Journal of Experiential Trance is an online peer-reviewed hypnosis journal for the inclusive open hypnosis community, professional and otherwise, published by the Society of Experiential Trance. At least three issues per volume are published annually. The journal provides a forum for the discussion of hypnosis, NLP, trance, and changework and invites contributions in all areas of theory and practice for therapy, education, entertainment, and recreation. Formal and informal essays, articles, papers, and book reviews are also welcome.

This is a peer-reviewed journal that may include formal papers and informal essays for and by the inclusive open hypnosis community, professional and otherwise,. The focus is general enough so that authors should feel comfortable submitting material of either a formal or informal nature -- we encourage articles, essays, and formal papers on all manner of hypnosis-related topics. Discussions of techniques and good solid critical book reviews are quite welcome as well. We also accept works of fiction.

Members of the Society of Experiential Trance who have pieces published in the Journal of Experiential Trance will receive continuing education credits from SET for their contributions. As the journal is inclusive and serves an open hypnosis community at large, submissions from non-members are also encouraged and welcome.

While this is an international journal, the language of publication is English. Submissions are accepted throughout the year. E-mail submissions are accepted at where they will initially be vetted by the Editor and assigned for blind peer review. We do not currently accept hardcopy submissions. Please submit via email in Word document, RTF, or TXT format only.

Include a cover page with your submission containing Your Name, Qualifications and Rank, Institutional or other Affiliation, Webpage URL, Address, Email, Telephone, and a brief biography of yourself under one hundred words.. The actual text of your submission should not have any identifying features.

Questions regarding the journal can be addressed to the Editor at

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