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Editorial Policy

The Journal of Experiential Trance is an international journal founded to fulfill a need for a peer-reviewed forum that is inclusive and open community in which to explore some very real possibilities for serious discussion about experiential hypnosis and other forms of focused trance that takes the discussion beyond a narrow focus of one or two applications and allows serious as well as playful discussion within a peer-reviewed context.

The journal comes from a desire for those involved with various forms of focused trance to discuss their ideas on how to best use trance and how to formally discuss what we do. It also comes from a desire to share techniques and scripts and even stories of all types with one another within a community of supportive and critical tranceworkers and hypnotists, folks wishing to explore the boundaries of the craft for all contexts be they educational, recreational, theoretical, or simply one-off entertainment. Submissions are peer-reviewed. Contributions may be submitted from all countries and are accepted all year round. The language of publication is English. There are no restrictions on regular submission; however, manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications cannot be accepted without express notice and permissions for simultaneous publication. Submissions are accepted via electronic mail.

Distribution and Community

The Journal of Experiential Trance is published online at as well as in print form. Members of the Society of Experiential Trance may download online editions of current and past issues via the members pages while non-members may only access the non-current archive in this way. Copies of print or online editions may be purchased at any time. The journal is published at least three times a year. As the journal grows, you may find the current issue and past issues archived on the world wide web. The journal is associated with the Society of Experiential Trance although membership is not required for submission nor for access to the archives, although members receive the current issue on a premiere basis.


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