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Peer-Reviewed Journal of
Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming,
Guided Meditation, and other Focused Trance Forms

Notes for Contributors

E-mail submissions are accepted at We do not currently accept hardcopy submissions. Please submit via email.

The Journal of Experiential Trance publishes one volume per year, with at least three issues per volume.

When sending in submissions, please note which type of journal submission you are making: Research (formal or academic papers), Case Studies (formal or informal essays regarding particularly interesting cases or descriptions of processes in action), Soapbox (opinion essays), Technique Exchange (original technique, process, or script sharing), Literary Trance (original fiction or poetry; material for adults only should be clearly designated as such), Critical Bypass (reviews or critical essays on books, videos, or products - these are by unbiased reviews by persons unaffiliated with the publisher of the material; authors, publishers, or production companies may contact the Editor regarding submitting materials to be reviewed).

Files in Microsoft Word (6.0 or above), rtf, and txt formats are acceptable. Manuscripts will be sent to two reviewers immediately.

  1. Formal research manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Experiential Trance should typically follow the style sheet of MLA Handbook (5th edition) as appropriate (although, given the multidisciplinary nature of the journal, any internally consistent formal style sheet is usually acceptable). Informal or non-academic essays, script submissions, or works of fiction need not follow an academic stylesheet but do need to be internally consistent and legible and of some merit worth sharing.
  2. If your submission has notes, please use endnotes, not footnotes (these should be manually formatted and not automatically formatted by your software).
  3. The font used is Times New Roman (12pt) .
  4. Use a separate sheet to include your name, title, affiliated institution, and contact information (email) . Please provide a fifty to one-hundred word biography as well as your webpage url (if any) for inclusion in the contributors notes.
  5. Please note that this journal evaluates submissions on an Accept or Not-Accept basis and does not have a provisional revision option. You will receive a notice of Acceptance or Rejection for publication in a timely manner and will not typically receive any comments regarding the piece from the reviewers.

Questions regarding the journal can be addressed to the Editor at

Journal of Experiential Trance

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