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Peer-Reviewed Journal of
Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming,
Guided Meditation, and other Focused Trance Forms

Welcome to the Adventure!

An Introduction to the Journal of Experiential Trance

The Journal of Experiential Trance is a new journal and a new adventure.

It has grown out of a love of focused trance in all of its guises . . . hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, meditation, guided imagery, the whole gamut and everything and anything in between.

The journal was founded to fulfill a need for a peer-reviewed forum that is inclusive and open community in which to explore some very real possibilities for serious discussion about experiential hypnosis and other forms of focused trance that takes the discussion beyond a narrow focus of one or two applications and allows serious as well as playful discussion within a peer-reviewed context.

The journal comes from a desire for those involved with various forms of focused trance to discuss their ideas on how to best use trance and how to formally discuss what we do. It also comes from a desire to share techniques and scripts and even stories of all types with one another within a community of supportive and critical tranceworkers and hypnotists, folks wishing to explore the boundaries of the craft for all contexts be they educational, recreational, theoretical, or simply one-off entertainment.

In short, we wish to be serious about our play and play with our work. Hopefully, others will find the questions we ask and the answers we experiment with worthwhile as well. The intention of the journal is to foster community among the very different folks involved with focused trance of all types within a wide variety of contexts . . . there are no limits to how this experimental experience we play with will grow.

Put simply, we wish to ask the basic questions about what makes good trance sessions good and then how can we best replicate the results of experiences that work.

We wish to explore the very nature of the trance within its context as experiential involved imaginative experience.

The Journal of Experiential Trance is an online peer-reviewed hypnosis journal for the inclusive open hypnosis community, professional and otherwise, published by the Society of Experiential Trance. While Society members typically receive access to the online version of the journal prior to public distribution and may freely download the online version of the journal, membership is not required to submit or participate in the editorial board. This is an inclusive open community journal.

During the initial volume, current issues will be open to the public on a timed trial basis, after this period, free online versions of various issues will be moved into the hidden Society members-only pages for free download (although non-members may still purchase print or online versions).

Members of the Society of Experiential Trance receive Continuing Education Units for publication within the Journal of Experiential Trance.

Typically, at least three issues per volume are published annually, both online and in print. The journal provides a forum for the discussion of hypnosis, NLP, trance, and changework and invites contributions in all areas of theory and practice for therapy, education, entertainment, and recreation. Formal and informal essays, articles, papers, and book reviews are also welcome as well as works of fiction.

The sky is the limit, so let's reach for it together!

Journal of Experiential Trance

Society of Experiential Trance